FarAWAYLife Presents: Olympyk - Halloween Special

Only few rare sightings
reports of the infamous
entertainment media regime
have ever been documented.
So in light of Halloween Far Away Life Media's
Olympyk Ramis
summoned powerful spirits
delivered some HOT bars..
...dead center a candle lit set...
4 your Viewing Pleasures ;)
Enjoy folks!
... Be weary of who's candy you eat, cuz shitAINTsWweet!!!

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Marijuana Vs. Legal Herbal Blends

Marijuana Vs. Legal Herbal Blends

   Jack Herer Sativa 
Being a pot-smoker comes with its risks. Every once in a while you have to put up with the harsh reality that what you’re doing is… illegal. Lets not get into the argument about whether or not its legal status is appropriate, that answer is obvious. Instead lets focus on marijuana’s legal alternatives and whether or not they’re better than the real deal. The use of “fake weed” is becoming increasingly popular among pot heads. Companies like Mr. Nice Guy, K2, and Spice have been making bank due to the convenience in purchasing a pound of “herbal smoke
blends” while in your room under covers, versus copping weed from that guy in those apartments in the middle of Overtown.
Spice Herbal Smoke Incense
In the first scenario, the worst thing that could happen is having to pay an outrageous shipping fee. Whereas, the second scenario can land you in the slammer and make it almost impossible to get a job when you get out. On the surface the answer is obvious. Everyone switch over to legal weed and you wont have to worry about making that fateful call to your parents, begging them to get you a good lawyer. But is the answer that simple? Are herbal smoke blends better than marijuana in the long run?

In November of last year, the DEA has placed an emergency control on five chemicals, some which are the ingredients in Mr. Nice Guy incense, K2, Spice, and other related incense blends. Since our friends over in the DEA are also the geniuses that help marijuana stay illegal, the ban on those chemicals doesn’t necessarily prove that herbal blends are as much of, or an equal threat, to ones health compared to marijuana. What it does tell us is that there is no denying the potency in these herbal blends.

Now that we know we can get some sort of high from these legal herbs. How do we know if the high is the same?
Recently, the Far Away Life crew got the kicks out of watching this reaction to a hard hit of Mary Joy. I can’t think of a time I hit weed so hard it sent me into a slight coma.

Definitely not the same high.

By the way, In Janurary of 2011, since K2 was worth more than 100-million dollars, it was ILLEGAL for the DEA to do that emergency control ban, and now the DEA is getting sued by some smoke shop owners and other parties.  The ban is currently not in effect yet.

Written by: Kittyumyum