Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The One Thing You Need To Make More Money In 2011

            Maybe someone may ask us how much we make or we may bring it up ourselves over the course of a conversation. All to often we get to the end of the year and we think about how much money we earned this year. Whats our annual  salary is it 20,000 or is it 40,000; It maybe more, maybe less. The point is as we think about this, especially at this time during the end of the year, we wonder to ourselves, "yeah I made 20,000 this year but WHERE IS IT ???". Its gone obviously but where did it go? The enemy is robbing us, too many times the enemy takes our money. My friends we have seen the enemy & the enemy is us. So with that said the one thing we need to make more money in 2011 is... a Mirror. 
          Yeah, sure we can blame our jobs for not paying us enough, we can blame the economy for the high prices, or we can even point the finger at the fat cat business owners for their luring advertising & their seductive sales. At the end of the day and more specifically at he end of the year, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Which is why everyone needs a mirror. Our personal spending habits are the main culprit and the chief reason were not going into 2011 the way we would like.
          The check that we receive every two weeks is made out in our name, which means that we are the directors of our dollars. The check is not made out to foot locker, the liquor store, the club, or your girlfriend for that matter. The check does not have instructions to go out and buy those 110th pair of shoes that we desperately need, so that we can wear them once and throw them in the closet. Honestly don't you think that those dollars would not only make you feel better but also last longer in your savings account. If I did want to get fresh, I would go to Shoe Gallery where Nasty Nat would most certainly give me a great deal. But that's not the case. Organization and preparation is key for securing assets. We must save and invest! A good tool for monitoring/controlling cash flow is a budget or money schedule (how to make a budget will be the topic of the next FarAway Life Street Money piece). But in order for that to work we need control of our personal spending habits first.

          With that being said, please let the mirror be he last thing you splurge on this year! Go into next year with some self control. Look at the person in the mirror and ask " What do I really want?" & "Do I really need to spend this money"?. You must literally "check yourself before you wreck yourself"!

Happy New Year from FarAway Life

Street Money!!


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