Friday, October 12, 2012

FarAwayLifeMedia: What'd Saibot Say?! Give-A-Way!

FarAwayLife Presents:
"What'd Saibot Say?!"

We have the Questions...
All we need is an ANSWER!
Watch The Video Above...
(NastySaibot- 'CidVicious Freestyle)
First Person to Post 96% of the Lyrics
(White/Pearlized Navy/Red) 

*Size 9.5 ONLY


mauriziomasocco says:
at: October 12, 2012 at 1:56 PM said...

more camo than rambo me ensamble tough like bambo when orlando Og tahoe when a tahoe con un bahoe when ur tacos got the munchies aint a monkey now im funky dawg im rollin and im stonin like the caveman first invention and thats the wheel on a pill bumpin seal eatin veal with my 5 star bitch shes a trip and i mean it mommy clubsy she dont mean it she just drunk off the vino i toke chino please escort her to the bathroom cause she trippin she been yellin for a minute 40+ wit no children but she sittin on a million. midlife crisis cocoaine prices concealed license got my 40 boy il hit ya no il miss ya you aint even have a shorty. hollow point still illegal smokin kush til i see thru quantum phsyics cybermistic i appear and reappear disapear dis ya peers cause they queers and biters pass the lighter i got fire you could see it in my eyes you can smell it from my thigh right pocket oh my! what a fregrance maintnance on isle 6 we got skunk in the room magnatize the young chicks that we snuck in the room and they like the hard dick. got an oz of the shrooms im about to go trip to hell and back im holdin back yo flow is wack you know this. doja sack is purp jack i blow a sack im focused the code is cracked theres no more facts i meditate a lotus....position

lmao you ripped it my nigga @moegreezy

at: October 18, 2012 at 3:34 PM said...


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