Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chile Mine Collapse smellin fishy mate!

        Sorry everyone but my conspiracy psychopath left eye was twitching like stupid when I started hearing about this event.  And then I got a pink eye when I personally started watching the whole fiasco! The first thing that tipped me off was the number 33. The number 33 is the atomic number of Arsenic. Checked out a map if the world and guess what country has a ton of this element...

Yep, you got it... Chile! Now the number 33 is also significant to "Truth". But if humans arranged this orchestra, and KNOW that 33 zapps the unconscious mind with "TRUTH", WHY NOT USE 33 LIVES TO HELP JUSTIFY A "LIE" lol Very smart fellas..Now the number 69..Also known as anyone that knows this logo, knows it represents balance between both the light and the dark, and seeing the bigger picture which is that both dark and light is necessary to make the whole, which is the yin-yang. Now..isnt 69 days a VERY LONG TIME?! Is it long enough to make you forget about it a few days after the collapse was announced? Yes it is..But is it LONG enough to make it a big deal if they survive? FUCK YEA! Forget; to then, REMEBER FOREVER..yin...yang
    Next I want to point out the fact that NASA helped them. Which is affiliated with the United States. So check off the "America had something to do with this one".. Then you have to ask yourself..why the fuck is NASA the (NATIONAL AERONAUTICS and SPACE ASSOCIATION) doing going UNDERGROUND?! Sounds like an oxymoron.. The only way this makes sense is if, NASA is giving us a look at the future way of space travel, which would be to get to "OUTER" space by going through "INNER" space. Ever heard the phrase "As Above So Below"? Its from the Emerald Tablet and I feel this represents every aspects of life. So NASA is going to give up trying to travel through the atmospheres, and is going to take a new route at this thing. If NASA becomes successful at finding something "important" while traveling in this fashion, they will be finally shitting on every nation that is attempting space travel the EXTERNAL way. Boosting the US EGO like YEEEEEE!!!!! lol
      Once the rescue was over and the celebration was over, the President went and gave a beautiful speech in which, he gave thanks to America, and kept mentioning a BRIGHT FUTURE, FUTURE, FUTURE...hmm lots of emphasis on this ehy? TOO MUCH EMPHASIS IF YOU ASK ME! Then he even went on outta his way to give a very fluent English speech...need I say more? Well dont mind if I do.. President Pirena(from the NATIONAL RENEWAL PARTY aka The Coalition of CHANGE(OBAMA?)) won the 2009 election over Eduardo Frie Ruiz-Tagle(from the CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY). Pirena (51.61%) to Ruiz-Tagle (48.39%) smells like a Bush recount if you ask me! Too close for this not to be rigged. So that helps tie the bond between the US n Chile stronger :)

So there ya go! That was a quick 5 minute tour of Remmy's brain. All of this could be a whole buncha hooPlah, but it sure is fun, using the world wide web for information digging lol
So conclusion is that this was a political stunt on both behalves. Chile pulled the stunt in order to get the Chilean people to enjoy his presence/political party by showing the people"we are here to "help" you no matter WHAT"
& The American Government aided them, to show that they are here to "help" Chile as well. And its giving the people watching, a preview of the new method NASA will take to reach new heights (expect them to attempt reaching outer space through the deep waters as well).

btw it took 985X longer to type this, than to think this! and pardon the shitty writting, i just wanted to air this out before anyone lol
BTW if i end up getting clinically ill or anything... THEY ZAPPED ME BITCH!!!!! lol


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