Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cisco Boarderless Networks finna change the game!

        PEOPLE THE FUTURE IS COMING AND ITS COMING FAST! Found this cool video, it's a year old but still felt like it needed to be shown to more eyes! Can't wait for hologram technology to be mass produced! BTW I'm not sure why they would offer this technology for IN the store, when buying online is what the future is going to be all about. Imagine 2/3 of the population working for either U.S Postal, Fed Ex, or UPS..either loading shit, sending shit, returning shit whatever it may be..all due to the fact that 90% of the shopping will be done online. Why are online sales going to take a huge rising? Because the powers that be will make it a normality to stay inside 20+hours..whether it be to prevent you from going outside, due to airborne bacteria, or even to prevent you from melting thanks to the heat from "global warming"..it could even come about with the increase of online "sit at home" Jobs..whatever the case may be Cisco is guiding us to this brand new convenience :) hope you all enjoy :)


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