Friday, April 26, 2013

Incinerate the Incorrigibles

(Psychiatric Hospital Ramensky Russia)

April 27, 2013

Thursday night 38 people killed in a fire that tore through a psychiatric hospital near Moscow. This is just one incident in a string of blazes in recent times, which has raised questions about the security standards of Russian medical institutions.

Apparently the fire started on the roof and spread rapidly throughout the hospital in the small town of Ramensky 40 kilometers outside of Moscow, information provided by Russia's health ministry. The fire started on the roof? On the fucking roof. The next question is, who was on the roof to start the bugger? I've heard of electrical fires, but according to report the source of where the fire started is still unknown, but peep this.

Russia's Investigative Committee said in a statement it had opened a criminal probe into failure to observe fire security regulations, causing multiple deaths.

May 2007 two died and 12 injured in a village psychiatric hospital in Russia's southern Rostov region.

In December 2006, a fire in a Moscow drug rehabilitation clinic killed 45 women. Many of the victims were trapped by metal bars on the windows that staff could not open and an emergency exit was boarded up, officials said.

In March 2006, a fire in a nursing home in southern Russia killed 63, also due to violations of fire safety regulations and the lack of a nearby firefighting station.

Sounds like the Russian are reverting back to old Nazi principles, in an act entitled " Barbecue those Bitches!"

Out of the 41 people in the hospital at the time only 3 survived the blaze, 2 patients and 1 staff member. It is said that most of the paitients died of smoke inhalation before the blaze ever got to them, as they were said to be fast asleep behind Barred window, after had taken their medicine for the evening.

Those Russian's sure know how to make it look like an acident...


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