Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ODe to a Queen


“Zimmerman’s mother pens letter to the public”
Ode to a Queen

I stumbled across an interesting yet perplexing article in last week’s (April 17-23, 2013) Miami Times that I’m just compelled to write a response to, the article is entitled “Zimmerman’s mother pens letter to the public.”  Before I get into that, early last week I lost a great friend, Mr. Alvin James Grant.  Mr. Grant was a special man, he made a lot of folk smile, subsequently he will be missed, bless his spirit.  Mr. Grant was also an avid fisherman, Mr. Grant could catch a whale with a shoe lace and bubblegum, in the eye of a category five, hurricane and walk away dry as an Arabian whore’s crotch in the middle of a dessert sand storm.  I was making my way to the obituaries when I saw it, “Zimmerman’s mother pens letter to the public,” that’s when I blurted out, respectfully, “Bitch you looking for sympathy!?”  I’ve got serious news for you Mrs. Zimmerman, YOU GETS NO SYMPATHY!  You should be sympathizing with the family of the 17 year old boy your son George gunned down, in his fit of rage, on the evening he patrolled a neighborhood in Sanford playing toy cop.  On the other hand, I can empathize with you Mrs. Zimmerman.  I’d love to know where the fuck you went wrong as a parent, raising such an ego driven, blood thirsty, kid killer.  What Mr. Zimmerman did on that fateful evening could and should be described as racial profiling.  Always wanted to bag a Nigger, well Zimmy, you finally got you one, and an elephants’ shit load of other problems as well.

There are freight loads of mothers whose sons will never see the light of day; the result of hard harsh sentencings.   In Florida you can get fifteen easy for getting caught with a half ounce of cocaine depending on economic/racial ethnicity and criminal history.  I've personally known guys who've gotten the book, and the bookcase thrown at them, on charges far less than murder, buddy!  A report published in the (March 20th-27th 2013) Miami Times, written by D. Kevin McNair that read, “Florida prison rates rise.  Blacks get 20% more time than whites.”  I haven’t done the exact figures on this, but presuming this is true, if a fair judgment is ruled in favor of the Martin family, the State of Florida justice Department might be one step closer to amending an age old curse that until now seems to be incorrigible.

  Gladys Zimmerman- “this day will forever be remembered as the day the judicial system failed us as Americans.”

What we  will do as a community, is show up at the courthouse on yo’ Bitch Azz in support of the Martin family, as they seek closure to the loss of their loved one Trayvon Martin, and consequently, the Zimmerman family for the loss of ol’ Georgey boy.  It’ll be like killing two birds with one stone, mourning the loss of Trayvon, while celebrating the guilty verdict that is destined for ol’ Georgey boy!  At any rate his day of judgment is upon us.  So, on June 10, 2013, whether the judicial system fails you or not, trial by jury is owed to the Martin family, and I’m positive the jury will find ol’ Georgey boy guilty of second degree murder come that faithful day. 

What you should have done Mrs. Zimmerman, was enrolled that son of yours in karate or judo, or jujitsu, or Krav Maga , or whatever, so that he wouldn’t be getting his ass handed to him by 17yr old boys as a 28 year old man.  George Zimmerman suffered ego deflation after his physical encounter with a much younger Martin, and as a result shot and killed an unarmed adolescent.  I sure as hell got some news for you “Georgey Boy” AINT NO PISTOLS IN THOSE CELL BLOCKS!  So prepare to get “that ass whooped” every day when they ship your punk ass off to Gladiator school!  Fret not Mrs. Zimmerman, for your son will be subjected to all the joyous comforts of a c-list celebrity while being closely monitored on protective custody(PC); as if he were heir to the British Crown himself.  Due to the high profile status of the case given by its media attention, when George is sentenced I doubt he’ll be free to roam around the compound in general population amongst the other inmates.  Why you ask, because someone’s going to fuck him up!  So look at the “upside” Mrs. Zimmerman, ol’ Georgey Boy won’t be doing to tough a time.  I just hope for his sake he’d been reading his Bible in between pretending to be the “Maddlock” of Sanford Florida. 

I myself wish for a stringent sentencing, one that will set an example for any other unyielding “Terrorist” who thinks its okay to go around aborting human life!  As if there aren't enough minority brothers being lost to the system daily, as if there still isn't enough racial profiling going on in society, as if it isn't enough interracial crimes being committed in communities everywhere, the last thing we need are unauthorized, poorly trained, self-proclaimed “Watchmen” patrolling our city streets taking out innocent lives under the auspices of vigilante travail.  Be forewarned America!  If George is found innocent or if a guilty verdict and the sentence is deemed unfair as it relates to the nature of the crime; mobs of Trayvon Martin supporters will assimilate and take to the streets in protests, riots might ensue, and business could ultimately be burned to the ground.  No one will be safe, not even law enforcement.  Only, of course, after the smoke settles will they realize what they have done.    

-Olympyk R.


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