Saturday, September 11, 2010

Best Tossed Salad I've had in a WHILE!!! (no pun intended lol)

    Not trying to sound like a nutritional junkie, but uh I'm a regular at this spot! ;)
Giardinos Gourmet Salads is the name of this beautiful establishment! There's a bunch of locations around the city, but I'm a regular at the downtown joint. That's a shitty blackberry picture of their very tasty Thai Thai salad! Jam packed with mixed greens, red cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts (gives it that bang'n oriental taste) with sesame croutons and a DELICIOUS spicy peanut butter dressing!! Personally I like to add turkey for protein, but it tastes awesome meat free as well. And that beet juice doesn't stay behind! RAAW is a dank "All-Natural" juice company. They have hella flavors from cranberry and ginger, to cucumber pineapple! And you can't go wrong with "NO PRESERVATIVES and NO SUGER ADDED"!
   I'll be giving a better review on this salad joint in the near future, once I fix my nikon3000, unfortunately it broke on me on my trip to Honduras :( hope all you pot-heads are salivating at the sight of this greenery! lol


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