Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Season is Among Us!

For all you football lovers out there, it's about that time of the year again! The season kicks off tonight, With an explosive opener featuring the Minnesota Vikings vs the defending SuperBowl champs the New Orleans Saints. Get ready for a season full of last minute comebacks, and Gridiron gambles because this my friend; will be a year for the ages. Which leads us to our next topic. Fanatsy FoOtball. During the course of the season, I along with my team of expert Fantasy Football gamers will be giving you all our week by week Matchup breakdowns and player analysis to help you maneuver smoothly through a season that will be offering lots of pits, and lands. We will also be giving you an inside look into our starting line ups each week, and games, and player point predictions.

Now for what you all have been waiting for. An inside look into my Team draft, and first week predictions.
1. Micheal Turner(Atl)(RB) 2. Peyton Manning(Ind)(QB) 3. Joesph Addai(Ind)(RB) 4. Pierre Garcon(Ind)(WR) 5. Donald Driver(GB)(WR) 6. Joe Flacco(Bal)(QB) 7. Joshua Cribbs(Cle)(WR/ST)8. Javid Best(Det)(RB) 9. Greg Olsen(Chi)(TE) 10. Miami's(Def./ST)
11. Devon Bess(Mia)(WR/ST) 12.Dustin keller(NYJ)(TE) 13.Chad Henne(Mia)(QB) 14.Darren Sproles(SD)(RB/ST) 15. Olindo Mare(Sea)(K) 16. Chicago's(Def./ST)
For all of you antsy gamers who took Chris Johnson at the top of your draft boards... I envy you (lol) but with a tough opening schedule having to play a tough (Oak) defense at home, the the following week (Pit) at home again. I dont see him having to much productivity until week 6 of course when the play (Jac). I see him having a break week in his own backyard of florida in a 35-21 victory over the Jags. Micheal Turner of course will be recieving the majority or the touches for (Atl) and is a solid 100yrd per game back. I see the majority of his productivity coming from his extrodinary Redzone play, where he will play a key roll pounding the ball in from 20yrds out which means.. MAJOR FUCKIN POINTS! Excuse my french. Peyton Manning is a no brainer. Every week you can expect 3-5 touchdowns from him. Defenses will have a tough time shutting down (Ind) high powered airel attack, and with the majority of the focus being on Probowl reciever Reggie Wayne I see Pierre Garcon having the best season of his career, which is exactly why i took him at #4 on my draft board. Joesph Addai is a dual threat (RB) who will be making catches out of the back field, and shaking off of tacklers as he Rushes and catches for over 1,000yrds this season. Donald Driver is a seasoned Vet who has over 9 consecutive 1,000yrd Recieving season under his belt. Self explanitory. I'm expecting Joshua Cribbs to score big on special teams after an electrafying season a year ago, and I'm predicting a big (st) return during Cleveland's opener against Tampa Bay. As for Joe Flacco who threw 21 touchdowns a year ago and for over 3,500yrd, with another year under his belt, and more weapons, I expect him to put up big points over the course of this long season. Javid Best, and Greg Olsen are my two sleeper picks. Javid best is a very explosive rookie running back with track and field experince under his belt that will burn even the FASTEST secondary one he make it into open field, and trust me he WILL find his way in to open field, and he's a major threat on special teams. Greg Olsen will Jay Cutlers favorite target this year, wanting to avoid injury, he will be looking to get the ball out of his hands FAST, hence the sudden emergence of the hidden talents of future Hall of Fame (TE) Greg Olsen, plus he's from the U! As for Darren Sproles and Dustin Keller, two undersized players at there positions with extremely big hearts. Darren sproles is another speedy guy that can shimmey his way out the grasp of very large defender, and put up points on offense and special teams. Mark Sanchez will be utilizing Dustin Kellers ability to get behind the defenses secondary undetected and very fast. With throw for over 3,500yrds last season I look to see major progression, and a repeat performance from Chad Henne with the addition of ProBowl reciever Brandon Marshall. As for defense I chose to go with Miami's Defense headed by a host of veteran, namely Randy Stark who managed to Rack up 7.0 sac a year ago. With a strong Line Backing core the Dolphins Secondary looks to contest passes, and shut down run plays with the leadership of a very phyiscal strong safety by the name of Yeramiah Bell. Oh yeah. Keep your eyes on second year man Cameron Wake, who's been recieving a lot of looks from Miami's coaching staff due to his workout's this off season, and In training camp.
As for me I'll be sitting back drinkin Coronas Watching my pick blast me off into fantasy Victory this season.



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