Friday, September 10, 2010

Wildin' OUT in September!

    I've been procrastinating on my video blogs, but I'm planning to drop one about September, and how it's one of the most chaotic months! Has nothing to do with 9/11, its just the pattern of life, brought to us by numbers! But any ways this is a great example of what everyone should expect on this month! Darkness, in order for others to receive the light. This is a couple pictures of a robbery gone wrong! This is the dank watch spot on 1st n 1st ave NE in Downtown, and they almost GOT, GOT! Word on the streets is that they got caught by under covers acting like shoppers! So the darkness (the thieves) came, in order to be the Under Covers LIGHT, now them boys finna get a hella bonus for this one! talk about right place, right time :) The pictures donot justify how many troopers were out hurr!


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