Thursday, September 16, 2010

FDA Has Gone Nuts: Walnuts and Other Foods Are Drugs

      First the sodium thing in NY, and now this? Smells like the development of Codex Alimentarius cookin' right in front of our nose. If your not familiar with Codex Alimentarius let me break it down to ya. It's basically a new set of rules/standards thats being placed on food products. They basically gonna be growin all type of hybrib crops, with no nutrition. It's said that they're also injecting all live stock with this new hormone thats rumored to make them grow faster, but they never develop to their full nutritional potential! They basically feedin' us half ass food in order to "feed the masses". So producing "cheaper" food, equals negative externalities :/ which include horrible anti-oxidants, toxins n ALL LAT!
      This article talks about how the FDA feels that Walnuts and other nutritional bearing edibles, should become illegal..yet Doritos are being sold in every vending machine -_-


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