Friday, November 11, 2011

1+1=11 ?

As we all know today is "11/11/11" 

I couldn't help but feel inspired to touch on this subject

for the simple fact that everyone appears to be overly

obsessed with the date! 

The media is an influential motherfucker!

Makes me wonder, 

have media networks teamed up to feed this bullshit, 

or are people truly fascinated by the date. 

Whatever the case is, 

I feel, its just a bullshit number and 24hours from the date it'll be 111211

so whats the big deal?!

Ive even heard people on tv say " this day will never happen again!", But..

I could've sworn

that every day is as new and original, as a snowflake and never repeats itself. 

Could it be that we're are just infatuated with the attractive appeal of the repetitive "1's"? 

It's funny; I always catch the time on my phone at 11:11

so what does that mean? 

Its either im craving breakfast while at work or im sleepy as shit!.. 

Depending if there's an "a.m" or "p.m" behind the time..

Written by: Geaz


at: November 12, 2011 at 1:17 PM said...

Didn't really get it...

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