Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ultimate Escape from Reality, in Reality: The John Muir Trail

Most people think that "escaping reality" is synonymous with taking a drug, in this case, we aren't talking about snorting trails of coke. This trail can be totally drug free, and consists of a 211 mile hike through California's Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, the trail is named after naturalist, and early advocate of wildlife preservation, John Muir.

The John Muir trail passes through 6 of 7 ecological zones in North America. The environment changes from near sea level to over 13,000ft in elevation; from the ferociously hot deserts of Southern California, to the temperate rain forests of the Pacific North-West. There is an incredible amount of biodiversity packed in this 211 mile long area, and post-card worthy scenery everywhere you look. Hiking the entire trail may take anywhere from 3-4 weeks depending on how many miles you hike a day. The fastest recorded time as of 2007 was placed by Michael Popov, who completed the trail in 4 days.  

Why is this the ultimate escape? Well, when you’re walking along those trails in the middle of nowhere, your mind is receptive to thoughts you don't normally have while living in your regular routine. Your brain is totally disconnected from that job and that class you have to go to at 9 in the morning. Instead your only worries are whether or not you brought enough memory cards to fill up with tangible memories of an extraordinary adventure.

Written by: Kittyumyum


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