Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grape Flavored Heroin? Sounds Yummy :D

Everyone that's into hip-hop should clearly remember 
Lil Wayne's video where he states 
"I dont care if its "Heroin" in my cup..Its MY cup"
Although his tone of voice made it seem as if he used "Heroin" as an example of what he COULD possibly be carrying in his cup..
Lil Weezy is 100percent right about wtf is in his cup!
This delicious substance known by many names..
Drank, Lean, Sizzurp, Tuss, Purp
Is becoming increasingly popular, so I felt I should play the 
"Jesus" role and inform the uninformed..

First and foremost!
Not ALL cough syrups are considered "Drank"
Robotussin..NOT DRANK
will these syrups still make you trip?
Yes they will,(the term for the trip was deemed "Robo-trippin")
but the active ingredient that makes you trip out is DXM
and not Prometh+Codeine like REAL DRANK!
Same goes for alot of these Doctor prescribed 8oz bottles
most of the time they have hydrocodone-
which isnt THAT bad (bad as in not pure codeine+prometh)
but still not official DRANK.

Saibot states if you want "The Rapper's High" hunt for some "Actavis".
Thats the name of one of the most popular DRANK brands.Another point I want to bring up is the color issue. Purple is only the flavor grape.. you will also bump into orange,yellow,red drank, so dont judge so quickly lol
But I'm not here to promote "sippin drank"..
what I'm here to do is inform you that
what YOURE consuming is (whether you want to hear this or not)
Well decorated HEROIN..
Codeine is a synthetic opiate.

Long story short..
While consuming drank, your putting Codeine in your blood stream..
But once the codeine reaches your brain, it converts it into MORPHINE.
Same with Heroin..
You put it in your veins as "Heroin" but the brain still recognizes it only as MORPHINE.
If your a mathematical kinda person you can imagine it like this
1+1=2 or 2X1=2 or 4/2=2
Regardless, the ending product is the SAME.
Different method, same outcome.

So all you drank connoisseurs needa chil out for some time!
Dont let the popularity factor of the substance lead you to a nasty addiction.
"Herron" aint no joke
and can leave very nasty side effects..
Thats all I have to say...
One more tip!
Dont be drankin
The half-life of the substance I'm not sure
but from personal experience
You do it one day.. you feel it for 2
Thats 3 days in total..
If you drank once today(3days of slizzurd), skip tommorow (2 days of slizzurd left)
and drank the next day..
you now have to deal with 5 slizzurd days!
The 2 from the day you skipped, roll over to the 3 gained from drankin the next day.
Forgive thy if the textual mathematic is confusing but uh..
thats the only way I can explain it :/
So, moral of the story is..
u sip drank, ur on BOY


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