Monday, November 14, 2011

Where your two-cents are valued the most.




I had to check this out myself and ladies and gentleman it does exist!
With a small catch of course.. ok, ok there's more then one catch, but here's the
deal. The Sandbar Bar and Grill located in Coconut Grove hosts this
“Penny Beer” fiasco every Wednesday. What reels people in is the
whole 'paying for a brew with just a penny' pitch. Automatically, you rush to find
the spare change in that dusty piggy bank you've had since you were
twelve, and begin plotting on how you'll rob The Sandbar blind!

That is, until you finally arrive and are faced with: the catch.

First catch is that you can only drink Icehouse beer..

On top of that, you can only scoop 3 beers PER VISIT, and If you think you're slick with a crispy dollar bill, you're not. One dollar only gets you 3 beers as well.

The crowding at the bar for a penny beer is sort of a hassle so,
of course, they are going to give you an alternative. How about a tray
of 15 brews for 10 bucks? Hey it beats the wait and isnt a bad deal if
you have a group of friends with you pitching in!

Five trays later and we now have a great night. The crowd was mostly college
students and  the vibe is pretty chill with the DJ mixing house and
hip hop all night. All in all “Penny Beer” night is a great event to
attend. Unfortunately the bouncer denied my bulky Nikon D90 and had to
deal with Iphone Photos.

Pay a visit next Wednesday and witness a good time.

SandBar Grill
3064 Grand Avenue
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Written by: Photo Dave 


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